Monday, October 8

Wow, almost 4 months already? Little hard to believe -it went by so fast. Finding it funny that she was born quite literally with no chin but now has one, AND a spare. From tiny beginnings she has grown into a well fed, little roly poly baby. I wouldn't suggest at all that she is overweight, just that she was those baby rolls on her chin, upper thighs and wrists that are tell tale of growth. In fact she has grown quite literally about an inch per week since birth. No wonder they encourage you to massage your baby these days!

Being Thanksgiving here in Canada I have a lot to be grateful for. We have fantastic weather (still plus 18 today). I live a short walk to both a beautiful river and the ocean and see mountains pretty well every direction I look. I have a lovely little baby, a great partner, a groovy little house with some land, a great job with really really awesome coworkers- just sooo many things to be thankful for.


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