Friday, October 12

There's a news story right now about a young BC girl (15) who took her own life last night; her name was Amanda Todd. It sounds, from all accounts, like she was bullied and tormented by her peers both online and in person. I watched her video and I cried. I really feel so badly for this poor girl who felt so alone and so worthless.
Worse- the comments on the videos made by heartless (teenage?) trolls. I can only hope that her parents, relatives or friends don't read them or ignore them.
I can't help but wonder how we- meaning the community at large- failed her(?) Maybe I'm not the right person to discuss this, because I could ask myself if I failed someone who did the same thing. It's a question you are left with afterwards: did I do enough? Could I have prevented this? Why didn't I do anything? Why didn't I do *more*??
Sad. Very sad.
I hope her family manages ok in these first hours, days and weeks. I remember how hard it was.

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