Monday, October 15

I had no idea Yoda could be made from paper. Who knew! I did know that you can make flowers, stars, xmas balls, hanging ceiling ornaments and other great things from paper which is something I hope to do this year to add to our already great collection of paper xmas goods. I miss "doing Xmas". We haven't had a decorated Xmas in a long time and yet as kids, our house was all lights, all ornaments, all red and green from around the 1st of December on. I know that our little Peanut isn't going to recall her first Xmas but certainly I think its fun to start our first yr in the house with some decorations and house lights. I have to pick up some free xmas lights from Craigslist and get them up on the house soon. And while I have time at home, make some paper ornaments. Maybe even Yoda. Do or do not, there is no try.

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