Tuesday, October 16

/unplug me

I'm probably (definitely?!) in the minority when I say "I do not want to be connected to everyone". By this I mean... by Facebook, by Twitter, by iPad, by iPhone, by Gmail, shared calendars, shared this, shared that. For the love of Jesus, how much MORE connected can or will society get?! (Or should I say "disconnected"??)
I was just setting up a new Outlook email account recently and it gives you a million options like "sharing your calendars between all your devices"... I was like whaaaa...?? Sooo if I'm out and about in a meeting with my iPhone I can potentially "post" to my iPhone calendar that I have XYZ meeting and then it gets "shared & posted" on my MSN hotmail/ live account also for whomever I choose to see this??! Yerrr... is this, like, necessary, this inter-device cross-sharing stuff!? HUH!?
I'm perhaps sounding a little hypocritical since here I am publicly blogging, but truly I could make this blog private and I'd still write the same stuff. I really don't care either which way whether it's read or not, whether it's public or not, whether I "reach someone" or not. I am not here looking for commentary, for replies or for validation. I can just as easily text, email or phone anyone I wanted to contact to tell them whatever it is I'm writing about. I just don't quite get the whooooole "share our whole lives" on Facebook and Twitter thing. Posting our kids most recent recital pictures.. or blurting out what you just did on Twitter.... Maybe I'm too detached or cynical, but do that many people really care what you just said or did or posted? And even if they do, what the hell...!? Ugh, I just reeeeally don't get it. Where do people get the time to do this anyways? Are you supposed to glue yourself to your iPhone or iPad and constantly read everyone's updates? That's a full time JOB, if you do that...
I dunno.
I just read somes guy's rant on Forbes that said people who were not connected or did not use social media are going to be, at some point, considered outcasts(?!) or regarded as sociopaths. Nice =P I suppose in one respect I am "missing" (not just the POINT but...) the usefulness of FB and Twitter in being able to (ie) connect to a movement, or join a cause, or meet likeminded people to discuss a topic. I just figured that's what online forums are for(?)
Anyhoo. I just don't get it. I'm ok with being an outcast =P

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