Wednesday, October 17

Organize, organize, organize!!

Ever find that when you CLEAN and ORGANIZE things in the house that you just realized were bothering you, that in doing so you somehow untangle your head?!
Yesterday I got one piece of my puzzle started. I picked up a $13 piece of 8 foot melamine shelving and took it home. I figured if I was right in my guesstimation, if I stuck it on top of a couple little dressers I had that I could create a makeshift desk system. I didn't pre-measure, I didn't double check, I just thought hey, if 8 feet is too long I'll just cut it to fit.
As luck would have it, 8 feet was EXACTLY the length I needed.
I put the "desk" together today. I have my laptop plugged in, my printer set up, various documents and papers temporarily stuffed in various drawers. My future task is to methodically sort and file everything and edit what I *need* to keep and what I can burn in the paper garbage.
Now that I created one new functional space, I realize I have two other project areas I could easily fix with the same material: my daughter's closet space and our closet. BOTH are packed with STUFF. Blankets, sheets, shoes, dishes (don't ask), wrapping paper, empty boxes for gift wrapping, clothes that are too big for her, ohhhh the list goes on and on. Some of it I can very likely send to a thrift store; there's just waaay too much of it (especially receiving blankets... holymother..). Some of it I can box up. And some of it needs to be put on shelves. In her closet if I redesign the whole space and put in three long one foot deep shelves I can really make effective use of it.
Project Three: We also have an excellent collection of vintage cameras from the 1940s up. I would hate to sell these; they're so very cool. They sorely need a display cabinet of some kind. Sitting in a bucket in the closet is doing them zero justice. I have the cabinet, I just need to put them in there.
I just need to "put my house in order". And I will.

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