Sunday, September 16


This being on maternity leave thing is a mixed blessing.
Yes, it's borderline necessary to be off in order to effectively nurse your baby and bond in these early months. I don't know how women manage without it (particularly in the USA it seems) Either they do not have maternity leave benefits or options, or as students (ie University or otherwise) it's not an option. But- when you're used to being at work for 45-50 hours a week, it's pretty weird to be home-bound AND baby-bound!
What I'm finding most is that I have developed total Attention Deficit Disorder. I was originally immersed in renovating my house, but somehow that fizzled, and I'm surrounded now by half finished projects all over the place. I tried turning my attention to post-baby dieting, but after 3 weeks that fell apart as well. Now, I spend countless hours entering online contests determined to win *something* - ANYTHING!- as my latest obsession. I have a million other things that I could and should be doing, but my focus is pathetic. I could be uploading items for sale on Ebay since I'm surrounded by things in my house that I really don't need. I could be going for walks every day, or painting my hallway, finishing my ceiling painting, completing a cabinet I started fixing up, or even doing laundry which is in a half-finished state.
I can't even finish this post! lol

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