Tuesday, September 4

Nature of the Beast

Hard to believe she is already at 11 weeks old.
Where did the time go!?
I have to say (and this is with no reference WHATSOEVER) she is a really, really great baby. Sure, she cries when her diaper is bad or she's hungry (wow, THOSE are cries...!) but otherwise? She is a happy little monkey.
It's just amazing how much they grow, and in such short time. Just weeks ago we were worried about her putting on the pounds since she was born at 6 pounds on the dot. Days later she dropped like a stone to 5 pounds 5 ounces! We spent most of the remainder of June and most of July working on getting her up to birthweight again, and beyond. Today she must be well over 12 pounds. DOUBLE where she started! WTH!
Life has taken on a whole new routine- which is run entirely by this little boss lady. We eat after she's eaten, we clean when she naps, we shop when she naps- actually, we do as much as we can when she naps! Sometimes that's a lot and sometimes it's just however long she decides to sleep for, whether minutes or hours. Last few days my abilitiy to work on any renovations here has seen very little progress, which is okay! Prior to that I was working like a maniac painting ceilings and walls and the fireplace. Having a few days of a slower pace is a good thing. Today I actually managed to clean the bathroom and do half the dishes. That's it. The beds aren't made, the floors aren't swept, the laundry isn't done. Oh, and I got in a shower and some blogging time (check out my new blog, Redneck Reno). Day to day, it's a different animal. It just depends on what this little beast wants =)

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