Friday, May 25

Well, I have had a couple confirmations since last week that our baby is -right now- in a frank breech position. I am trying a bunch of homeopathic methods this weekend to get her to spin upside down. I will find out Monday if she moves. I am at 37 weeks on Monday so our time to "engage" her is starting to get a little reduced! I am hoping she will actually deliver on June 15 (her actual due date is June 17) since Dad's birthday is June 15 and that would be really special.
We took the "last" photo shoot today (my friend is an amateur photographer) on the beach. I feel like this is the largest I actually want to be seen at LOL... but I think we have adequately journalled the process and got some really really great pictures as we went along. I think in years to come she will be able to look back and see what Mom looked like carrying her which is pretty cool.
I am a little nervous about what the options are if she does not spin. Hospitals do not do breech deliveries anymore (apparently) even though myself and my brother both presented frank breech and survived perfectly fine. Mom said there were some tense moments in the delivery room and some beads of sweat she saw on the physicians brow, but regardless, we arrived WITHOUT defects or deficiencies which "frankly" (sorry, couldn't resist) assures me that things will be fine. The options at this time are: homeopathy... chiropractic ... accupuncture... manual manipulation by an obgyn from the outside (moving my belly!)... and finally, if she still insists on presenting breech, we end up with c-section. I am decidedly not keen on c-section. Not at all. Not one bit. Major surgery is not the way I want to meet my child. I *WANT* a normal, painful, challenging, the way history intended it birth. I want to feel every frickin hot stabbing sharp lasting contraction, know that I am actively participating in the birthing process along with my baby. Connection. We want CONNECTION- both to the process and to each other. I feel like it's critical -ok, that's a dramatic statement- it's most ideal to have a normal vaginal birth, because through that process there are hormones that you and your child share and exchange that create that bonding for life. You bypass that with a c-section. I feel like you bypass The Work, and The Work is what makes that particular experience so powerful.
Not to mention that the risk, the healing process post c-section, the layers of damage caused are extremely concerning. Oh, I so do not want to do that.
I am currently taking Pulsatilla (otherwise known as WIND FLOWER) this weekend along with Bromelain and Papaya and doing all sorts of other crazy things to help her move.... none of which I prefer to share because its a little insane! I'm hopeful that one or all of these things result in her moving. We shall see, because on Monday I have another ultrasound to see what she's doing. I will report again then!!

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