Wednesday, February 1

We offered on that house (last post) around the same time as I wrote that. She was originally asking 269K for it, reduced to 258k, and we offered 240k which she finally accepted. Even this amount is high for what it currently is. I offered knowing that with a few hundred dollars of paint and equipment, several hours of elbow grease and with the help of a few great friends, we can very likely and very quickly resurrect this house from the eyesore it currently is. It's gonna take tiiime, a whole lotta precious time... it's gonna take patience and time... to do it right... =)
We have our financing "in the works" so hopefully it will be a done deal soon enough.
Hit up Home Depot this weekend to keep myself focused on what it could be. Picked up some paint samples in cool greys and blues and a dramatic red for the door, just to take home and visualize the AFTER picture. I really enjoy the CIL Soft & Elegant color collection (Horizons and Light Taupe) which would go great with my dream living room and kitchen. Costco has a great chandelier light with a drum cover for just $59 as well as glass and stone slim tiles (4 sq ft for $23- instore only; I checked online) which I compared at Home Depot, whose similar product was $8.99/ft ($36 bucks versus Costco at $23). If I were to do my kitchen backsplash in that, I'd be looking at maybe $100-125 at Costco plus grout. Pretty cheap fix.
It's all dreams at this point, but certainly it's somewhere to start.
Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sister who like myself, is "in her thirties" =) There's nothing "late" about it; we are simply IN OUR THIRTIES. (I think?) she took the day off from raising chickens, home schooling and the 8 foot list of other daily accomplishments she boasts and chilled with the family. Sounds like a good day to me.

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