Tuesday, February 7

Canadian Tax Time

Almost that time of year for filing taxes.
The CRA has a few
new things for us this yr that I have not seen before. One- and probably the best change I know of- is that as of Feb 1 this yr you can actually get your T4s online on the CRA site by logging into their MY ACCOUNT page. Online T4s? Shut up! And number two, which affects people I know, is that if you are a volunteer fire fighter you may qualify to deduct up to 3 grand. And three- not yet something I am looking at, but again people I know will be- you can claim max $500 for your kids enrollment in various arts or recreational activity. Those are the ones that kind of mattered to me this year. I have a lot to file this year so I will have an accountant do mine (which I've done each year for the past 4 yrs anyways) but this year certainly with our move and other things to review.
I would say 2011 is a year I never want to see again. Ugh. What a year. I have to say there are some years that kind of take the wind out of your sails. I feel like I have lost some of my shine. A little duller, a little more worse for wear. Kinda beat up. A little-a lot- defeated. I hope at some point in the future here to somehow pull it all together, and find myself feeling like I am on top again.
I would at least like to think that in some small way through my tax return I can see some sort of small windfall as a drop in the cup towards building that reality. Make it so, Universe. Make it so.


~n~ said...

online t4s?!? AWESOME!!! That's fantastic. sadly, dh doesn't qualify for the firefighter credit - not enough hrs to qualify. But the kids will both qualify for credits available for them. We'll see how this all works out.

Good luck to you with yours!

Anonymous said...

Except a few minor inconveniences: (1) once you sign on to the CRA they then MAIL you the password "in 5 business days" so you can access it fully and (2) my T4 information isn't yet uploaded so even if I had access there's nothing to find and print. But yes, once you HAVE access and everything is THERE-its going to be a great new easy self serve feature!