Thursday, February 16

Still collecting my own tax information; hoping that by mid next week we will finally be prepared to file (early!) Meanwhile- we have made a conscious decision to find a better larger place to rent for a year or two while "life" works itself out.
It's a little tough to detach myself from the want/need to OWN a house. I have owned a home (had a mortgage) since I was 22. Having or building equity in a home has been the cornerstone of my financial means. It feels very backwards to rent. However, for some reason unknown to me, I have had constant, consistent roadblocks put in my path of home ownership. There is some reason that I cannot own at this time. Meanwhile I am looking for just a house- something to rent that's comfortable. Somewhere we can unpack our things and live, just as though we owned it. If I find something that is small and similar in price to our current rent, we'll be able to live on our own. If its something a little larger that costs more money, we'll have a roommate to offset the cost. Whichever way, we will have a place to call home.... soon.

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~n~ said...

this is good, very good. rather than fight an upstream battle, just go with the flow and find somewhere a little more comfortable to rent. good idea. the hindsight years from now looking back on this time will be insightful, i'm sure.