Monday, June 27

I sorta kinda almost own a house.
Subject to, subject to...
It's about a 10 minute bike ride to this scene here (Comox Harbour) or a one minute drive. On the Comox side, pretty good neighbourhood (nothing fancy, just your average 1980s sort of housing area, appears to be a mix of young and old people living there judging my lawn ornaments). 1900 sq ft, 4 bed, 2 bath, third of an acre or so, seperate detached double garage with a nice grapevine growing on a trellice in front of it. Big poplar trees lining the back of the property. It's at the max of my qualifying ability so I am doing all I can to put powerful thoughts towards completing this transaction. And finally owning a home.
Meanwhile back in the Peg City, I have sold my condo (finally, officially). The deal is done. The funds are ... somewhere. The amount I am getting from the sale is .... unknown. I'm sure it will all fall into place this week, with the usual amount of effort from me digging for answers and connecting dots.
My duplex out there has one good tenant and one pain in the ass. Apparently mowing the lawn is too much to ask. I always thought that when you rented a HOUSE WITH A YARD that you would recognize that you MOW IT. He feels he should be discounted on his rent for doing so. Ahem. Any friend of mine who has rented a house, at any point in my life that I have known, has mowed their own lawn. The landlord did not come over and do it for them, or send anyone to do it. Am I wrong?! This is the same guy who was late a full week on rent the minute we moved provinces, and played stupid when we finally caught up with him.
We considered selling the duplex- even just this one unit. The only problem is there is soooo little equity in it, it would negate any gains whatsoever. In fact I would have to list it via Comfree to just pay for the overhead it has owing on it. Comfree would at least avoid any realtor fees. But then who do I get to show it? Especially with tenants in it?
Tough call.
I'll wait just a month or two to get settled with this property here and then figure out what Step Two is. Let's just get a house here first, and get out of this cramped 600 sq ft rental unit that we and five felines share. Freeeeedoooooom!!!!

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~n~ said...

thinking positive thoughts* thinking positive thoughts*

as far as the tenant goes, i don't know, it's been so long since i've rented and even then it was never with a yard. i guess he figures you can write off the expense of sending someone over to mow, who knows.

this will all work out happily. :)