Tuesday, June 21

Housing options have changed.
The house we tried to bit on a few weeks ago came and went; the seller and us were a couple thousand apart and we held fast to asking for new appliances. It sold last week for the last price we had offered. Whatever!
Last week we found a nicer place, larger more private lot, manicured yard, playhouse (with tv!) wired shop, but the house is 1600 sq ft... rancher, and limited in its options for expanding at any time. We offered anyways, they countered, we still stand about 10k apart. Offer is kind of pending. If we want we can come back to this.
Property Number Three is an interesting option. Its one acre. Its 2300 sq ft. with 6 beds, 3 baths, large rooms, big rear covered deck, seperate double garage. And its not been updated or touched since oh, 1964. It smells like laquer. It has not a piece of drywall in it. All panelling. It has a mountain of potential. Structurally sound. No obvious weird wiring or plumbing. Just massive renovations that could create multiple suites if you wanted. If renovated it would net about 100k more in value for resale.
It could.
You could redesign the entire home and choose the finishings.
You could.
You could likely get $1000/.mo for a rental unit in the basement and STILL have the room to rent 2 bedrooms on the upper floor to students. And they would have their own living and eating area, and their own bathroom.
They could.
You could also light yourself on fire, liquidate everything you own chasing after a risky elusive dream that requires more financial resources and time than you have.
I could.
So I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do at this moment. Door Number One still sits there, the nice smaller completed home, for the same price I would pay for the one acre 1964 Girl Guide Lodge that is behind Door Number Two.
What to do.


~n~ said...

i don't know where you inherited your balls from but you sure got 'em.

good for you for being risky (that's risky, not risk-ay, or is that risque. whatev.)

you rock! and i can't wait to come see your new digs!

Anonymous said...

lol and actually I opted for Door number 3. Hence the pending offer. Which has been accepted and I await financing.