Tuesday, June 7

Almost that time.
Beach time.
Certainly the weather supports the idea. Mostly sun all week with the exception of tomorrow. Otherwise 22 degrees daily, full sun, every other day. You cannot argue with that.
Our place has no curtains other than a couple blinds in the living room and kitchen. Bedroom has windows in the upper part of the wall. It's actually quite nice, once you get past the concerns that perhaps some squirrels and birds may see you. The backyard is so treed that certainly no homes up above us can see down, and next door neighbours are equally invisible. But to wake up to the beautiful warm sun every day and see blue skies and tall trees is amazing. 8o foot cedars and pines. It's hard times here, people. Vicious actually.
Aside from becoming a renter it is good here. I figure if that's the worst of it then sobeit. I consider myself amazingly amazingly lucky to just BE HERE. Just to witness my surroundings daily. Just to be part of it. Quite amazing.
I've been contemplating a few things I have learned or studied in recent years, such as the Law Of Attraction and the movie LEAP which I highly highly highly recommend (but it is hard to find). Essentially each teaches you that you ... wait let me say this with emphasis... that YOU create your life. YOU create what world you exist in. YOU attract what you need, you live in the situations you create- good and bad. YOU attract the people around you, the circumstances, the financial position you have, the outcome of every moment. It all comes down to YOU. So here I am thinking about these things, and I'm driving down the hill overlooking a very panoramic view. An amazing inspiring beautiful view, that if I took a photo with my new I phone would not do it the justice it deserves. A valley that is framed by mountains, lush and green, peppered with little signs of businesses, a little green bridge and just a sunny, gorgeous, relaxing summer like day. And I'm thinking to myself, wow. I asked for this. This is what I asked for, exactly, if not more so. And for a moment I really absorbed that thought and recognized, with my tiny little LED lighbulb that sometimes goes off, that if I can manifest THIS in my life, I wonder what other amazing things I can make happen?
So I urge you to find that sense of awe in your life. =) Because sometimes we need to know that we are the power. And this is an amazing realization. It's all you baby....!!!!


~n~ said...

that was *beautifully* written. and I *so* loved that movie. have you watched What the Bleep Do We Know yet?

LMAO what the hell is aduckeek mean and who the hell comes up with these words anyway?

barbara and nancy said...

Thanks for reminding me that YOU create what you need...etc. etc. etc.
That was just what I needed today. I copied it and will hang it in a prominent place.
P.S. Just found your comment on a very old blog of mine. You said you had come to it from clicking on the "next blog" button. Glad you did!