Monday, May 30

Yno sometimes its just how you look at things.
It's perspective.
I've been pretty philosophical about stuff in recent weeks. Normally it would get to me, but honestly I don't have time to sweat it...LOL.. so as my little life teeters in my hands I figure I can handle it until things get a little more steady.
Condo is for sale, again.
I have somewhere to live.
I love where I live.
Eventually I'll have time off to enjoy, and meanwhile I'm working and having a pretty good time considering how it could have been! Not bad for a bunch of idots.
So I will continue to look forward to that day at the beach when I can finally stick my toes in the sand, suck back a wobbly pop, have the warm sun on my face and think to myself, yes. Yes this was all worth it.
And that day is soon, my friends. That day is soon.


~n~ said...

it will be soon, don't you worry. :) life is unfolding as it should and the lessons will be learned, and if not, repeated. lol That warm sand will feel soooooooo good and the sun on your face? ecstatically wonderful! so hang in there. hang in there!

seocreators said...
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