Sunday, May 15

Finally we are out of Mercury retrograde.

I can't express to you how much this particular one impacted me, personally and professionally. When Mercury goes retro everything goes haywire: contracts break, communications falter, electronics go wonky, vehicles and transportation get all messed up.\Me, I had to set up a temporary wireless internet office with overloaded electrical circuits popping everytime we turned on a microwave. We had mis-communications galore. I had two sale contracts on properties go south. I managed to escape only the vehicular issues.

Then finally Mercury went direct at the end of April. It took a good week for things to completely dissipate. The rain stopped, the sun came out, God was in her Glory and full steam ahead in all directions. My condo sold for top dollar. My pre approval for purchasing a home here came through. The miscommunications ceased and peace treaties were signed. Or at least another offer on the same house that fell through before. Why not try again, I said. And so we sit waiting for the response from the seller, who lives five provinces away, to consider my offer which is higher than my last one, but remains 20k lower than his asking price.

So I ask you this: would you do what is called a 'splash and dash' renovation (paint, lino, cheap carpet) and list for maximum dollar? Even though you did not replace the dated mushroom colored backsplash tiles in the kitchen, left the almond and avocado colored appliances in place, the mismatched equally dated washer and dryer; display a basement bathroom with a handyman do it yourself shower installation that you need a ladder to step up into (don't ask), and a backyard deck that has 3 different levels and isnt fully painted? I believe this is called "why you have not sold your home in 180 days". And why I am offering the 20k under asking. Anyhoo, aside from these quite obvious issues, it is quite a solid 5 bedroom home. Its in a decent area of homes very close to the ocean.

It's totally a great place to be.

Now check this out because its so damn cute.

High fives for hitting the mark =)


~n~ said...

Soooooooooooooooooooo??????? Do we have a house?!? Enquiring minds want to know!!!!

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