Monday, May 2

May already? Oy!
Hate to say it to my Winnipeg peeps but it is soooo nice here, weather wise. I hear you guys got that crappy snow. Poopy. I would encourage you to move to British Columbia, my friends. The water's fine.
Yesterday we drove along the coast from Courtenay to Union Bay in the sunny afternoon. The tide was out, the beach was massive. Its a little stunning to see it, even still. Only 6 weeks here and I still feel like some sort of tourist, gawking at the ocean- just at everything actually.
Rest is a valued past time these days. Downtime like a long drive is really all there is, and I gladly take it. But its good times overall. Despite it all, its good times.
Now its bedtime and thats all I have time to write =)
I promise to give you more than this next time; try to behave yourselves all of you, and if you do not, try not to make the headlines.

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