Tuesday, April 19

Never anticipated having five cats.
Never anticipated having to move them, or into a smaller space. With no furniture. No cat tree. Nothing to keep them busy, nothing for them to lie around on, nothing to scratch. So they run around at 4am, tear around on the carpet, find empty Pepsi boxes to crawl into, or a bottle cap to play hockey with.
The only cat I have that is not fixed is, predictably, in heat again. I spent most of last nite shushing her, shooing her, putting her into a crate, pulling her out of the crate after she clawed and scratched in there for an hour. Finally exiled to the truck outside.
No rest for the wicked.


~n~ said...

go on the local freecycle list, on craigslist and other places you can think of and post Wanted: Cat Tree. I'm sure you can pick one up for free... and within a day or two, as well.

R2K said...

5 cats...