Friday, April 1

My goodness, I'm down to blogging on a weekly basis. Tsk tsk.
Well, it's April Fools Day. So Happy Birthday to Debbie Ready wherever she is. Today was a great day- super beautiful out, just like yesterday was. Lots of blue sky and large fluffy clouds. Not super warm, but about plus 11 or 12 in the afternoon. Nice enough to walk around the corner for lunch yesterday, and down to the pier today. The last couple days have been very social. I sat and chatted with my host last night on my birthday; had a few glasses of wine and talked about everything under the sun. Tonight I did the same with other people. Tomorrow I have plans again for the same good times. Funny how it all comes together. It's good times, no foolin.

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~n~ said...

it's now the 12th of april.
you'd better post again soon.
no foolin'.