Friday, March 25

All things happen for a reason.

Financing did not work on the house I first bid on. Having said that I'm glad it fell apart. I've since seen about another 10 homes, all cheaper, all with better upgrades or features. Kind of the tough part about feeling like you're in a rush- you grab the first thing you see, figure you can make it work, it doesn't, but something better comes along. Oddly (but not in any bad way!) life has been doing that for me lately! No complaints! I'll take it!!
Now I don't want to continue to gush, but dang it people, this area is AWESOME. It's ridiculous, really. Eagles overhead, deer all over the place, crocuses popping up, seafood everywhere you go... it's just wrong that only 37,000 people live here! And yet all the amenities are here including all sorts of big businesses, box stores, golf courses, salons and boutiques- it almost seems excessive for such a teeny community. I am seriously curious about the summer population swell, which I hear is pretty noteworthy. We'll have to see where these swarms of people come from!?
Meanwhile I'll have to get used to the ocean again. I walked down around this marina the other day, on a breezy mild afternoon. Lots of people out walking the boardwalks that oversee the boats. You get a great view of the ocean and mountains from there. It was the noise that captured me, though... All you could hear was every sailboat in the marina- and there were SO many boats parked- all with their lines clanging and clinking and tapping. It was like some sort of crazy orchestra of windchimes clammering on the breeze. I had to stop a moment and listen because it was such an amazingly pleasant tune. A happy sound. Made me smile while I listened. In fact I think I laughed out loud at myself for becoming so mezmerized by such a simple thing that I'm sure the locals disregard.
Anyhoo, I'm continuing to househunt and am suprised daily at whats on the market- sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a "holy smokes I think I would've done repairs before I listed" way. It's an exciting process and I confess I love house shopping =P Some people like shoes, I like houses. I know its out there; I'll find it soon. Regardless, I am home. Finding one to live in is just the icing on the cake =P

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Susanne Iles said...

Don't worry about the multitudes and the masses that swarm the valley in the never actually see them! They are found in the mountains and in campgrounds and on the various islands trying to revel in the wilderness. That being said...the parking lots at the grocery stores can be pretty full when the sun shines and the visitors come...but that's really the only difference you'll notice... hope you love it there, Vancouver Island is a great place to live.