Saturday, March 19

Full moon in Virgo this evening.

"With the Moon in Virgo we are all reconnecting to the earth and experiencing our physical selves and environment in a more embodied, emotionally connected way. The roots are starting to grow deeper into the earth again and preparing for the buds to start showing themselves to the sun, symbolic of our own movement towards our earthiness ".

I can truthfully say I feel this happening in my life, but that has more to do with the move than the moon I think. Funny how things happen for you; how things unfold in a way that you didn't know you wanted them to. At the time you think, holymother, how can this work out!? And yet it does. It just does. I won't lie to you- it's been amazing coming home. Familiar things come back to me- stupid things like restaurants I used to go to, microbrewery beers I used to order, seeing BC licence plates, recognizing people I knew in another time and space. It's like a full circle. Maybe I'm looking for it but I find things in common with other people. The lady I live with temporarily here is from my home town, Langley. She went to the same highschool as I did, likely one of the first grad classes there, when there I was a block away growing up next to it. I bet one of her friends from school babysat me...!! Her ex-husband who I met this evening, had a lovely long chat with, has lived a dramatically similar life to my BF's father. People I work with now have all worked with other people I've worked with along the way- we all know people who know people who know people. It's just on and on and on things that overlap, interact or intersect somewhere. So amazing. Life is sooooo good =)


terlee said...

Did I miss a post..?? Seems like last I was reading, you were having major difficulties with your condo. How did you end up in BC, buying a house..?? I'm so

holymotherofgod said...

LOL okay quick under 500 word update.. I still own the condo but have not lived in it since 2009. My tenant lives there. Our condo board thinks we need to spen 1.1Million repairing our balconies; numerous owners don't. We're still fighting for this- all we want is to VOTE on whether we need to do those repairs all in one shot or create a financial plan for them.
Right now I live in another province (quick move, I found out 2/28 that I was moving and 3/14 starting my new job!) and I'm buying a house there. That's pretty well the gyst of it !!!