Wednesday, March 16

Well folks, there it is.
This is Comox today; the Hawaii of BC. It's tough, I know. Somebody's gotta do it.
Purchased a house, I think. Pending some inspections and reports, things like that. It's a good solid home on a half acre, kind of above town in a nice neighbourhood. You can readily tell an older person owned it- wallpaper galore. Older carpet (green, some brown, some shades of brown, some patterned brown) older gold colored silk drapes. It's sexy personified. But it has 'good bones'. Cupboards are nice maple ones, good shape. Big new detached 16 x 24 garage. Huge landscaped yard with an art studio in the back in its own little area waiting for some attention. Got a double sided fireplace inside. Upstairs there's a rather funky suite that includes a hot mustard yellow kitchenette with teal cupboards and fake brick linoleum flooring. Oh man, it is some type of awesome up there. But it's completely functional with customized cabinetry that someone took the time to shape into that space. I'm not about to spoil that, although I will confess- it will be painted. You can't have two primary colors up there and not paint some red around there to complete the triad...
No seriously, no red paint, but I will modernize the space for sure. We're trying for a purchase plus improvements to let us renovate. Hoping my mortgage broker can make it happen. And if she can't, sobeit. There are tons of homes on the market here, all waiting for people like me. If this deal falls apart due to something an inspection finds or what have you, I will gladly continue to shop for a home.
Anyhoo-couple weeks until we have things finalized so I won't waste any time daydreaming about it. I just want to know where I am living is all I need to know at this moment.


Susanne Iles said...

I've lived in Comox before..a great little town. Hope the deal goes through for you!

Anonymous said...

For serious, and now you are way over there!?