Sunday, March 13

It ain't easy.
But it's good...

Rainy west coast day today; usual drizzle to welcome me back. Yesterday when I arrived prior to lunchtime, it was overcast but as soon as I had some White Spot in me the sun broke through the clouds. The afternoon was sunny, warm, inviting. Of course I immediately went house shopping with my goal in mind of finding somewhere to live by dinner...

Couple possible contenders for residences: one, 'bout a 10 minute drive inland. The other, right up the hillside above town. Number two is likely the winner pending inspections and discussions.

The community in general is sooo cute! I hear the entire Comox valley is 60,000 people. Courtenay itself is an old community, started in the late 1800s, officially a town in 1915. Loads of water- ocean, rivers, streams- loads of mountains and hills. Thank god for google earth. Had I not virtually driven some streets I wouldn't have any reference points. Truly weird to google earth a place then physically stand in front of it and be like... yep, that's exactly what i saw.... their main streets are uphill, boutique upon boutique upon mom and pop stores that've been running since the 50s. People support local business, like their small town feel and I'm more than happy to be back to the land of grocery shopping 7 days a week from 7am - late. God bless early Sunday shopping hours and the heathens that run the west coast. Amen to that, peeps.

Cumberland, a quick boot up the freeway, is an old coal community. Lots of evidence of growth at one much earlier time- old shack houses, old 1920s homes, and then farther up the hill it appears the younger generation has taken over. New subdivisions are in full swing, plans for hillside development are shaping up- its where many young families choose to live.

Comox seems to be 'base driven' with street names after fighter jets, military references and such. Lots of decent, large homes on larger lots. Havent yet explore much of this area but I intend to as soon as I finish typing =)

Staying at a super nice lady's house, great comfortable large room with desk & tv to boot and of course, internet. So nice of her to accommodate me; very supportive, very friendly and warm Cancer hence the home stay career...

So to sum up my life at this time....It aint easy, but its good.

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