Friday, March 11

Wow, what a day. Not only do I personally go through a Temperature Portal myself, where I leave dark early morning snow covered streets to emerge hours later in a mossy mild oceanside atmosphere covered with daffodils and cherry blossoms; but apparently across the waters the Apolocypse is upon us.

Days ago apparently China had an earthquake. Today Japan has a MASSIVE quake and a coastal tsunami warning has everyone on edge. No waves on the BC coast though, but horrible terrifying destruction in Japan. Nothing in my life is of any consequence, I thought, as I watched the tv screen on the plane this morning. Nothing is a problem. Nothing is like what they are going through. I think of the thousands of people today without homes, the many that are still working likely around the clock to save and rescue people, the hundreds and hundreds dead, their families and their friends.

All I can say is my thoughts and prayers are with Japan.

Here is the significance of the cherry blossom:

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