Sunday, February 13

Happy birthday to the Valentine's girl =)

Funny how you remember as a kid only wanting to be a grown up, and as a grown up you wish you could still be a kid !!! What's up with that?!

This is a great birthday link here. Tells you everything related to your birthday- who was born on that day, what the top songs were that year, what your flower is, your birthstone, when you were conceived (?!!) lol... all sorts of stuff I never knew. Very cool though!

Warmish here- hovering around ZERO! Tshirts and shorts, everyone. It's gonna be a hot Valentine's day in the Peg City!!


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~n~ said...

awww thanks for the bday wishes. she's had a great weekend... her party went very well yesterday and she loves loves LOVES the paper doll book. she'll be spending hours with that! :D great idea!

she's still revelling in the birthday-ness... low key day apart from tap class later and aikido after that.

((hugs)) to auntie char from miss A