Friday, February 11

This is the month.

Tax time.


I am sorta kinda prepared; I keep an Excel log sheet of my expenses throughout the year. If I remember, I will log my bill(s) and put them in my filing cabinet in the tax file. Most make it onto the log. I must have dropped off on this around November because none of my November- December bills were listed. I spent a few hours yesterday with bills all over my desk, a pile here, a pile there- each pile representing a different type of debt or service... Phenomenal expenses you run up owning rental properties, but it costs money to make money they say. Certainly I won't see any epic returns on my investments until ohhhh, five years from now when the equity has built up. In the initial years they way you just reinvest into them, and that's pretty well where I am at. I just hope we get a nice return =P

Warming up outside, only minus eight today and a great forecast coming this weekend, which MUST mean MORE SNOW. Mmmm, snow. Love it (NOT) More effing snow. Moooooore snoooowwww.
/slaps forehead
If I have to pay another two hundred bucks to snow removal dudes to shovel a build up of ice and snow on my two story high roof again, I will be seriously choked. Stupid, stupid snow. And yeah yeah yeah it's nice and warm. Yeah yeah, ok, that part's good. I'll give you that. I will not complain about the WARMTH. But why why whyyyy with the snoooow.... waaaah =(
lol Let's face it I'll always find something to bitch about =P I'm creative that way.

A week left to another vacation time, and as odd as it is to take holidays just 5 weeks after coming back from them, I have to say I'm looking forward to it. Likely be a STAY-cation, I think. A cleaning, decluttering, perhaps even selling things on Kijiji kind of vacation. I'll see what I find in the basement. Last couple weeks we've been tweaking a few small issues around the house- rehanging doors that wouldn't shut properly, fixing groans in pipes, unclogging drains. Nothing glorious but necessary stupid small repairs that are inherent to old houses. Got a couple more to do, so I'll make my Honey Do list and we can tackle it when we have time.

Spring cleaning. Gotta love it.


~n~ said...

sorry i started laughing uncontrollably as soon as i read you enter everything into a spreadsheet. who does THAT remind you of! LMAO i'm still laughing.

sorry. but it's damn funny.

oh, and my word? sibicate. which i'm thinking could mean something along the lines of siblings making fun of their siblings. i'm sibicatin' you!!! LOL okay, well, it's the best i could do.

holymotherofgod said...

/pushes up nerd glasses
Listen, you! We're waaaay nerdier than that at work I'll have you know! We have binder systems, and filing, and and.. and label makers and all sorts of excel documents for every occasion! On a serious note, with 2 properties and regular expenses it's kind of necessary to maintain a certain level of organization as we go through the year.
Just stick with your chickens. =P You should talk with your EGG BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!

~n~ said...

bwahahahaha okay ya, my egg book is where i get nerdy, i admit it. :P