Friday, January 7

SUPER nice day here, despite starting with the typical BC drizzle. Cleared up nicely, sun is out and plus 9 degrees. I almost hate reporting that to people from the Prairies. Almost!

Spending some time now in the Gulf Islands at the parental home. Mom checks in on people's homes that are not here, and we checked in on a million dollar ocean view home around the corner. The owner purchased a few years ago and lives on the Mainland. The house has 6 beds (2 beds in each massive bedroom) plus a main level den with another pullout. Fully and beautifully decorated, sitting atop a rock bluff facing the ocean, it is almost sinful that the owner does not rent this out and only occasionally -a few rare times a year- comes to the property. Apparently the lady owns the neighbouring properties as well. I asked with some bewilderment, what do these people DO?! But nobody knows the source of this apparently miraculous and unending income that affords this lady multiple waterfront properties. Tough life, must be...
Next door we popped in to a head surgeon's oceanfront home to check in on it, but to his and my mom's surprise, he was home and not absent as expected! He had just flown in and been driven to his house, so imagine the surprise when she opened the door and his, when the door opened! It was a comical moment, but he explained he was just there for the day, and took the opportunity to thank her for continuing to look after their place and gave her a bottle of wine. Nice guy, funny moment =)

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