Sunday, January 9

One of the last days here in the World of Warm. Mom and I walked around the ... well, I don't know that I can call it a "block", when it's a one land island road dotted sporatically with cottages. But we walked up the road, admiring the neighbour's gardens that have the signs of crocus and daffodils popping up through the dirt. I commented that in only a few short days I'll be back in winter wonderland where there are months and months ahead before these signs of growth will appear.
Earlier mom and I drove to Hope Point, where there are some small kitschy artsy shops, and over to the Renaissance Studio that a lady named Milada runs. Milada is a beautiful dark haired Czech lady who makes the most creative and interesting jewelry from crystals and imported beads. She and her husband are also artists in their own rights and have a massive collection (for sale) of art that you would be shocked to see on a small gulf island. There are Salvador Dali "edition artiste", lithographs and, at times, original 15th century paintings for sale. Currently they have a show on of Toulouse Lautrec works for sale (I think they were lithographs) for about $750 each. I just love going there to see what they have on display- it's always something different, and something amazing.
Travelling tomorrow to the mainland, jumping on the ferry early in the morning. I should arrive into the throes of lower mainland rush hour, but I hope to slowly make my way via Skytrain and bus to see my friends out in the valley. It's fun for me to travel on Skytrain- every time I come home it seems that another stop has been added to it- the route expands further and further towards Langley each year. So cool! And hey, rapid transit doesn't exist in the Peg City so it's enjoyable to ride when here.
Thoroughly enjoyed my visit home again this new year. I have countless photos to upload now; I can't wait to see how they turn out.
Heading out to the marina for dinner, to gawk at the ocean while I polish off some fish and chips and a pint or two of Pipers Pale Ale.

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