Wednesday, January 5

Might be the wet weather but my chest cough has resurfaced with a vengeance. When I breathe it sounds like someone frying bacon on a greasy pan. Spattering noises. I think I've ingested a lifetime supply of Dayquil, Halls, Tylenol cold and flu and no-name decongestant. I did a 10 day stint of antibiotics in late December with equally dismal results. Honestly no idea why it lingers, but it's getting really, really, really lame at this point. I'm a pretty poor houseguest in this condition.

Had a nice day yesterday, seeing some friends from the past (recent and not so-) Drove up to Nanaimo (in the SNOW lol, after all I was doing to AVOID that stuff) in my $36 rental car. Stopped in a few small towns along the way. Nice day overall. Had a built in GPS (okay, a 30 minute convo with my friend Mireille who piloted my driving via Google Earth via cell phone) Good times, thanks Mirelly!!

Today is do-nothing day. I confess I am addicted to overstimulation. I realize this now. First couple days in no high speed internet, no cell phone, no cable tv-land was hard. Now I can dig it. Takes a couple days to get the city life out of you.

And, to see how the vegan raw foodies live, I *tried* a piece of ... um, dried kale with some sort of non-cheese like stuff on it. 'Course after that I bought a stick of butter and some breakfast sausages and acknowledged that I couldn't do it =P My hats off to my sister who capably lives in two worlds -no THREE!- simultaneously making raw vegan, vegetarian AND a plain old meat and potatoes meals for everyone in her family, daily. Dunno I could do that. No, I know I couldn't. That's talent.


My Raw Self said...

I love this... dried kale with some sort of non-cheese like stuff on it.

Kale chips are AMAZING and YUMMERS!!! *giggling*

Do not come stay at my house. You'll get juice and then more juice. Unless you choose to eat with the family and then you'll be pleasantly pleased.

~n~ said...

lol poor char... no KD in our house, not enough meat, no real butter (only organic vegan margarine)... cupboards and a fridge full of glass jars full of mysterious superfoods like maca powder, spirulina, kelp flakes, etc. It was like walking into the Twilight Zone! LOL

ahhh but all is better now. She's at mom and dad's where there will be high-speed internet. And "food". ha ha ha ha ha


holymotherofgod said...

/suffers internet withdrawal
/suffers real butter withdrawal