Sunday, December 12

Minus 37 last night, minus 41 with windchill. Forecast says today is kind of the worst of it compared to the rest of the week. But yno, I don't care if it is the only day, it's one day too many at that level of cold. Last night I ran to the car with my cart of groceries, started the truck, unloaded the cart as fast as I could, got in the truck, continued to wait for it to warm up, and drove home still feeling cold even when the heat did start blowing from the vents... I got home from work and had a complete cold attack. I could NOT get warm. I had 4 layers of clothes including a sweater and a bath robe, cranked the heat to 26, got under the blankets and for 2 solid hours I COULD NOT GET WARM. Had hot tea, ate a hot dinner.. I just lay there under the duvet, the blankets, under several layers of clothes, inside this cocoon trying to warm up. I watched the entire movie of ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE shivering away. At one point halfway into the movie I went downstairs in my eskimo garb and cooked over a hot stove to make myself some brussel sprouts and THEN finally STARTED to warm up. Took another hour after that to get WARM and peel myself out of the layers.
I hate the cold. HATE IT.

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The Blue Faerie said...

Holy frick in a million! I will never prance around proud that I survive Wisconsin weather ever again. 14 degrees is nothing compared to that. I hope you stay warm tomorrow at least. :)