Tuesday, December 14

Found this TERRIFIC calendar link! It has EVERYTHING, from World Clocks, to create your own customizable calendars, to time zone calculators, to customizable countdown calendars to any date you choose. Soooo nerdy!! Loves it.

I have to start figuring out my 2011 plans soon. Almost time for New Years Resolutions and vacation planning and so on. But before I do that, I have to get my Xmas shopping STARTED!!! WAY behind on this task. Not one thing purchased. Nothing. I have only 9 days to buy things and mail them! I'll gitter done tomorrow I think.

Also need to get a battery for my car which still sits outside, immobilized. Have to do some shopping tomorrow apparently...

Working on our financial picture recently, which is in line with the new year's resolutions and plans etc. I need a more forward thinking, updated 3 and 5 yr plan forecast established. Have to sit down with a calculator, a financial planner, tarot cards and divination tools (kidding!) and make a plan. THE PLAN. The big picture plan... which I of course consistently revise =P

Just a matter of time and tinkering with numbers. Good thing I love math....(NOT)

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