Wednesday, December 8

Met another person here in Winnipeg that's from my home town of Langley BC. What a small world !! He graduated from Langley Secondary School about 4 yrs before I graduated from Poppy in 1991. So bizarre. One of my schoolmates from my grad class actually lives here too, but I haven't seen her yet or made contact with her. I probably should, but our 20 yr reunion is next summer anyways so I'll possibly see her then.

Moving forward, getting more info on rent to owns, how to do them, what they mean for landlords like me. They sound interesting- the only obvious loss is that you sell your income earning property and lose the future equity etc by selling. Duh. But as much as I love my duplex, older houses are high maintenance which equals money out, not in, over time. I think it's best to have low maintenance buy and hold rentals, like condos. I'll keep that investment probably for a very long time and let it pay for itself over the years. Doesn't earn a dime on a monthly basis, but long term it will be worthwhile. The duplex earns money every month but in 3, 5, 7, 10 years it will need expensive things like a furnace, rewiring, the eaves repaired, the soffits, yada yada. The monthly profit will be spent on repairs, I guarantee you.

Anyhoo, looking forward to vacation time next month and again in late February. Be nice to come home and walk some familiar roads, see family and friends and get back to mah roots. Only another 25 days!!!

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