Sunday, December 5

Very sorry to learn today that my ... what do I call him... my Nana's partner (both pictured at left) died on November 28th. Our family discovered this today via the BC newspaper. He was 90 yrs old.

Sel was an Irish, quick witted jester of a businessman who loved a good "discussion" about just about anything. Politics, business, sports- loved a good spirited debate. I think sometimes he would start them up just to see what people would say. You could see the little smirk he would have.

I quite enjoyed Sel, and spoke to him recently on the phone- must have been October? We played telephone tag throughout the year- this summer I think we missed each other about 4 or 5 times. Finally I picked up the phone and got him, and we had a great last conversation about where I was now, what was I doing, how was his family, how was he in his new place. My nana had passed away in 2006 and he promptly moved to Kelowna from Mission into an assisted living facility, where of course, he began romancing other ladies LOL. We had lost touch otherwise, aside from the odd card I sent, and I was glad to hear his voice again. Glad to hear his life was good. Sel enjoyed being social, being with people, so I wasn't surprised to hear him say he had met someone new.

I'm so glad now that I phoned.
I'm so glad now that I sent my Xmas cards, because now I'm reminded that it matters to keep in touch.

Good rest, Sel. Thank you for being in my life. You really mattered to me.

Love, Char

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