Saturday, November 20

Taurus Full Moon

Certainly I am not feeling this full moon the same way the last two were.

The last two were in Aries, and felt tense and dramatic.

This one feels like hustle hustle hustle, work work work, and that typical last second "almost finished" feeling that full moons seem to bring. But not as dramatic as the last full moons.
Full Moon is tomorrow in Taurus. Planetary-wise a lot of changes have taken place overhead in the last month as well, like Jupiter and Venus finally going direct. Could be more focus about SELF PURPOSE, about GOALS; could be feelings of angst that you need to look at, source, question and resolve.
"The full Moon in Taurus reminds us of the abundant ideal, that beauty can be created, and life full of pleasure. To sum up, this will help us break free of old emotional blockages and help confirm our natural worth. Though deep feelings will be present, so will inspired visions, ideas, and ways of acting. Major growth comes from embracing new experiences while staying aware of possible consequences."

Can't argue that. Full Moon or not, those are good things any day.

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Anonymous said...

call your taurus mother and ask her how much SHE accomplished today. it'd put us all to shame, LOL.... hair appt, church, church committee meeting, swimming, then off to dinner somewhere. good GRIEF....

i''m getting lots accomplished this full moon, too... feels good. ;)