Friday, November 19

Lots of blowing snow last night. Not super super cold, but it's dropping. I hear that Banff and Saskatchewan are getting a blast, though. Minus 30 in Banff next Tuesday? Ugh.

Stupid winter.

It comes regardless WEATHER we want it or not, though (nyuk nyuk) so what can you do. I know I need to buy a floor mat for my entrance doors for mucky snowy shoes, and I have only one scarf so I may have to find some "winter wear" for me and my house pretty quickly.

Showed the duplex last night after work to a young professional couple and a friend wanting to share it. I would say late 20s, well dressed, well spoken, sort of young modern hip peeps. I liked them. We had a good talk about the house, they loved the character, sounded really interested. But I've heard this before from other people since I started showing it after the 1st of the month. I'm *hopeful* that these guys are serious. They're the type of tenant I would like to host.

Condo is rented to a nice lady in her 50s who just sold her house. She's between places, doesn't want to commit to another purchase, wants super low maintenance and a modern space. She loooooves my condo. Called me multiple times to see it. I'm so glad to have someone else live there who loves the space like I do. THAT is a good tenant. She moves in January 1 when my other tenant moves out. Done and done!

Nobody likes to move in this weather. It sucks. Kind of crappy time to have to re-rent, actually. Would be better to have a lease end in (ie) May or August when kids are getting out of school and people are pre or post summer vacation. Crossing my fingers that each place will renew their lease for oh, six months after their initial one year lease ends, just to get their move out date to push towards summer. We'll see- I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

First, I have to deal with winter!! GAH !!

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