Sunday, November 21

Exact opposite story of this lady, who this past August, tossed a kitten into the garbage and became an internet sensation in the most negative way. I'm glad to have FOUND a cat in the garbage this evening.

Since late summer we have had a feral kitten living on our work property. It spent much of September hiding in bushes, occasionally surfacing for food. It was warm enough in September and October and I paid it little thought. In the past couple weeks the temperature has readily dropped. The probably 4 month old cat has taken to living under our garbage baler, recently crawling out into the snow and making the odd appearance. A few days ago he came inches within someone's reach but not quite close enough to be caught.

Tonight as I was leaving I checked the outside temperature on my car thermometer, and it read -17. I knew that cat was out there and I didn't want to leave without at least trying to make contact with it. I parked the car near the garbage and left it warming up, while I crouched near the large garbage bins and whispered psst psst psst pssssst. I called and called, and finally heard a faint meow. I spent a good 10 minutes calling it out and finally saw its small face appear. It came out into the snow as I continued to talk to it. It put its tail in the air, rolled over in the snow, like it wanted to be petted, but kept its distance. I kept talking to it, sometimes walking towards it, sometimes crouching, not sure whether it was receptive to being approached. A few times it rolled around in the snow near me, but not near enough to touch. Finally it went down for one more roll over, with its back to me, within reach and I grabbed it with both hands and pulled it in. Not a happy camper, but I held it tight to prevent struggle and damage to either of us. I walked to the car, opened the door and tossed us both in, slamming the door behind.

Holymother, did that thing hop around! To the front window! To the back! To the dash! Like a rabbit; pretty freaked out. I just started driving and talked to it about how lucky it is to be going home to a warm meal and a warm place. I cranked the heat in the car and kept talking calmly to it so it would relax. Overall it took the drive really well. He/she stayed in the back window for the drive, giving out the occasional noise to note its discontent. We got home without incident, I pulled it from the window and took it inside where my small herd of cats were shocked to meet another.

Taken some time, but we managed to get a full plate of food in him and managed a couple sessions of loving to let him know he's safe. Got more than a few greatful purrs and he curled up under my chin for protection. I think he's going to be okay.

Temporarily his name is Oscar. He isn't a grouch, but he is from the garbage. I am just glad he is safe and warm and nobody has to worry about his welfare. Welcome Oscar, no matter how long you stay. Welcome.

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Anonymous said...

HA HA HA you ARE the crazy cat lady of winnipeg!!! LOL (sorry, jk, jk).... it's very honourable of you to take Oscar in. ;) make sure he gets his shots and gets snipped right away. LOL

you can have #4 if you come out here. #4 is a hairy elusive cat that hangs out around here... Papasan doesn't like him coming to the food dishes, though, so gives him a loud talking to whenever it happens (Papasan's very vocal). I don't want 4 cats. 3 is plenty. ;) But #4 seems to make out just fine on his own.

Welcome, Oscar! We want pics. ;)