Thursday, November 25

Oscar is getting better.

Last night he went into our bedroom, and I shut the door behind me. He was in the closet under my shoe rack and I rubbed his chin and coaxed him out. He let me rub and pet him, tail in the air, purring away, no problem. He just isn't sure about people though. Unless you are on the ground, lying flat, at his level, he isn't sure about you. If you are tall and imposing, he runs away scared.

This morning I was coming up the stairs and he was at the stair railing. All he could see of me was my face and shoulders. He let me pet him and rub his chin, but his tail stayed low to the ground. He isn't quite sure whether to feel comfortable or secure yet, always waiting for that moment he needs to run. But boy, is he being well fed. Fancy Feast is a few steps up from whatever he was finding before, I tell you!

The other cats are equally as hesitant. One minute they all stand around shoulder to shoulder with him. The next, they watch him get fed a full plate of wet food (after they get a quarter share a few moments earlier) and I wish I had a camera. It was like a group of 16 yr old girls staring down a hotter, more popular hussy. Blink blink, stare... with that "you suck, I hate you" glare that only cats can do. But Oscar was okay with it. He wolfs down his food like it's his last plate ever. Poor guy.

I have to thank the people at work who offered money to help care for him. "Take this to help pay his food. Take this to pay for the vet." I appreciate the offers, and more than that, the gesture. It really says something that people care about a stray kitten's welfare. People who love animals are good people. But the reality for me is, here I am with a house of felions already, so there's no need for any monetary donations. He's in good health, no frostbite, no ear mites, no damage. He's just a great addition to a group of fur people that are already too-well fed, so the more the merrier.

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