Monday, September 6


It is!

Let's see- earlier this week I was woken up at the ungodly hour of ... well, before nine AM, by a dude that wanted my old appliances that were in my backyard. And thanks to him for taking them away, because it saved me time, effort and possibly money.

The following day at the same early time our house alarm was tripped and began baying like a herd of sick donkeys in my basement. The panel indicated that there was a "breach of security" at our back door. The door itself was still locked when we frantically scrambled to it moments after the alarm started, in our half asleep but now panicked state. Still don't know what caused it, but certainly the contact MUST have been broken. I can only guess that it was either someone who attempted to shoulder the door open, or a false alarm. I'm trying to lean that way in my thinking. After the alarm I paced around the kitchen, peering out windows and trying to see where the mystery perpetrator may be, or if he existed at all. I am glad though that it was nothing (seemingly) after all, our safety was not at risk, the alarm WORKS, and despite the rude awakening and nervousness following, all was well.

This morning, beautiful holiday Labour Day and yet, at 5:08am I receive an alarm call from the workplace. Oy with the conspiracy against my sleep! But a minor and correctable issue that after a lovely drive down there, was resolved by the time I and my coworker investigated it.

Ah, I suppose the Universe has decided I need a better sleeping pattern! Good news is I started today with the opportunity to watch a beautiful sunrise and grab a tim horton's coffee on the way home. I think I'm going to start setting my alarm for say, 6am, in anticipation of whatever is next so I am coherent and alert to deal with whatever it is.

Enjoy your holiday peeps! Get some rest =P I'm going to spend my day doing arts and crafts with aluminum foil, devising a helmet with horns to ward off any universal tractor beams... and hopefully disrupt any incoming transmissions...


Anonymous said...

aww poo i just lost my first draft of this comment.

i was *just* going to say that the past full moon and now this new moon are letting their energies be known around here. that's all.

i went on and on, but that's really it. ;) that, and sleep is precious. it's a time of growing for children. a time of healing. a time of connecting with Spirit and the divine consciousness. I never used to respect it as much until it was heavily disrupted by infants in the house. lol But it really is sacred.


~n~ said...

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
The next few weeks are a wonderful time for unexpected financial opportunities for you. Some of you might have a real windfall. Meanwhile, back at the bank, you're focused on shared property, inheritances, taxes, debt and anything you own jointly with others. This is a good time to wrap up loose details in old matters. The New Moon this week is your best chance all year to ponder how to best tackle these issues. But more than that, it's also the best time to think about how your values differ from the values of others, and how you can learn to live with these differences! Aagghh! (Kill me with a spoon.) This can be challenging.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Bring on the windfall!!!! Alright, alright - in the meantime, let's just focus on wrapping up loose ends. oh, and the bigger questions of life, like how to live with other people not agreeing with me all the time. what is up with THAT?!?