Thursday, September 2

I have to make a post now that it's September. I can't let my blog stay sitting there with the last post in August! That is SO last month!!

We're coming up on the Virgo New Moon, making this the perfect time to sort through drawers, organize and find use for things you find. And if you find something and realize you no longer need it, then send it on its way.

This morning I was rudely awoken at 8:30 am by my doorbell. TWICE. The first time I thought well, maybe they'll go away.... Wait, was I expecting anyone!? Well crap, now I wonder who it is. Seriously, did I have an appointment?! As soon as that thought came to me, DING DONG! Another doorbell. Omg, okay, okay, OKAY already! Both of us are up, fumbling to find somewhat presentable clothes, stumbling blindly to the back window where I bellow out, "CAN I HELP YOU!?"

Guy with salt and pepper short hair, in a red and black checker shirt pops out from under my back deck roof and spots me.
"Oh, hey, sorry to bother you, but are you doing anything with these appliances? Because I'd be glad to take them off your hands..."
He points to my discarded old fridge and stove that we just replaced on the weekend sitting in a heap next to the stairs. I muttered something unintelligable, but agreed that it would be okay. He seemed happy enough, apologized again for the interruption, and ran to his truck to back it into place. I watched for a moment from the window as he heaved the fridge into his truck bed, for a moment concerned he may scrape the side of my car that was parked quite close by. But he seemed conscious of that, and truthfully I was more tired than anything else. Somehow I figured he wouldn't hurt anything, he just wanted some metal scrap. We wandered back to bed, and John wearily said, "Well, that was nice of him".
Can't argue.
Too often my immediate reaction to what are truly gifts is annoyance, or to push it away and not see it for what it is. Honestly the guy saved me a few bucks and an eyesore in my backyard. I have to thank him for stopping in and waking me up for that.
So let that Virgo energy help you clean out your unwanted, no longer necessary clutter that exists with you. But for your sake I hope the process doesn't interrupt your sleep =P

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