Thursday, August 26

Well, back to real life eh? The sun has set on vacation time! But what a gorgeous sunset from the BC Ferries on Monday evening. I was probably one of about a dozen people standing at the railing, cell phone camera (or a nice zoom lens Canon) pointed at the sunset developing in front of us. What a great time to sail home.

Super nice weather here today- I believe we have 27 degrees in Peg City and full sun. Sinful to have to work, really.

Full Moon in Pisces moved over us on the 24th although its effects can be felt a few days before and after. Not feeling too stressed out myself whatsoever yesterday or today. In fact I'm pretty relaxed!

Doing a lot of reading lately. Over vacation, I read THIS YEAR I WILL, 5 PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN, LAW OF ATTRACTION and I watched EAT PRAY LOVE (which now I have to read). I can probably credit my mood to having read (or watched) these things that are"full of lessons". Amazing stories, all about growth, understanding, self awareness or self actualization. I just overall FEEL BETTER- clearer about things. Clarity is good- time to lay some things down on paper, put some intention out there, make some plans to set sail for the next horizon, whatever that is. Release!!!

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how's the new fridge?!