Thursday, August 19

(not my photo, courtesy of Google images)
Last full day on Pender Island. I arrived just 30 minutes late by Westjet on Tuesday afternoon, direct from Calgary to Victoria airport. My flight came in at 155pm and our ferry left at 2pm- we literally got in line, turned off the engine for 5 minutes, then started loading the boat. Talk about timing!!

I don't think I've had one moment of bad weather yet (*knocks on wood*) and easy travelling all around. My parent's dog (a long haired mini daschund named Squire) has claimed me as his new best friend, and is lying dutifully at my feet as I type.

Today we drove the island looking at properties for sale (*wistfully noted*) and poked around a few antique and gift shops. I picked up a great necklace- kambala fossil on dark green jasper. It looks just like an owl face, and I could not resist it... A very WISE purchase (nyuk nyuk).

Tomorrow I`m off to the Victoria side; spending a few days with Sister at Shirley Days reading tarot cards for those that stumble from the beer gardens. Should be profita... fun, should be fun... LOL!! Looking forward to it.
Glad to have just those few more days of R&R before the whirlwind, drama and chaos returns. Keep that sun shining!! I will soak it riiiiiight up until the verrrrrrrrrry last second!!

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soooo pretty!!!