Thursday, September 9

Good news: Housing prices expected to fall. This is expected to be temporary, and not like the US market slowdown which has stagnated and is expected to stay there for some time.

Bad news: interest rates expected to climb. This is linked to the US markets, and if THEIR economy does not recover or strengthen we will undoubtedly pay a literal price. It's a crap shoot whether to lock in or wait it out. Typically variable rates are historically lower than fixed. My mortgages are all variable. I am still lower than fixed. Having said that, I *may* see a climb in my pmts which means less profit for me. Nothing to lose sleep over, but I'm keeping my eyeballs on what's going on.

Good news: Savings rates should also typically climb, when lending rates do- although it's not simultaneous. Normally the market needs to soften for a bit before we see this result.

Bad news: Savings rates are soooooo lowwww right now. You'd be better to save your cash in a sock! Preferably one that doesn't have holes in it =P ...

Good news: Cheap entertainment! Get this- Online gaming actually helps your career! The report says that online gaming assists you in learning strategy, team play, cause and effect, commodities (trading and economy) and social networking for advancement.

Bad news: Were this integrated into every workplace, we would all be level 80 druids communicating only in leet speak, surrounded by pizza pop wrappers and empty Bawls containers. Unless you work at Google, *NOT* a productive way to "engage employees"...

That's all I got today. I know there's a lot more good and bad. But today that's all I can come up with =P
I'm busy levelling my character (not!)

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~n~ said...

the game-speak's like a foreign language to me (thankfully!). that is so *not* how i would want to spend my day... lost in a virtual world.

hmmm interesting about interest rates/etc. guess we'll have to see what happens...