Tuesday, September 14

Seeing stars....

This may sound weird, and that's okay.

I see stars.

About every oh, six months or sometimes less or more, I literally trip over a star. These are 2 I found. The gold one I found a few yrs ago, and the blue one I found the other day while on a walk. Both are just stars I found on the ground, simply lost objects to whomever owned them before.

I don't look for them, they just appear. Last week at work, on the floor, I saw another one. A white paper star, but I didn't turn around and pick it up. Normally I do, but this particular time I just saw it, smiled, and kept on going. I just somehow knew it was for me to see.

I don't know why the stars appear. I've no idea why I find them, or why I see them, or why they are in my path! It's just one of those odd omens that I have to notice. I have this tendancy, apparently, to find stars and 4 leaf clovers. Oodles of 4 leaf clovers, too. I can look down in almost any patch and find three, four, five leaf clovers. At one point I had a collection of at least 75 or so glued to a page. I kept them forever until they went yellow and brittle, then decided to let them go. Maybe the luck is simply in finding them and not in keeping or storing them, I thought.

I've no idea what these things mean. Why stars and clovers? I dunno. But it's neat, and I find it fascinating. I guess I'm just special =)

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~n~ said...

you have SUCH luck finding 4 leaf clovers - very cool about the stars. i think Life often has 'signs' for us like this - like, in *every* moment, only too often I think we're oblivious to them... too detached from being fully present.

lol there's me being uber-philosophical.

on another note, could my children PLEASE just go to sleep already?!?!?