Wednesday, September 29

Evaluation day was today.

Yesterday, I scrubbed and polished and cleaned and tidied until midnight. I got up early today and fixed door latches, we put garbage bags at the curb, washed dishes, scrubbed the stove top and then... everything was DONE.

Little worrisome, because although the house and yard looked BETTER than when we had the last appraisal done in April, this was a different appraiser. Different company, different approach. The last guy wandered through almost nonchalantly, making small talk, discussing the neighbourhood and location. This guy pulls out a flashlight, sticks his face in our electrical panel, writes down 5 pages of notes and makes me veeeeeery nervous. But I do my best to dismiss his actions and talk about what we've done, why we bought, how I subdivided, what it took, and gave him a duotang with copies of everything I figured he would want to review. Including maybe a couple comparables that I felt he should see (inserts halo). The rest now, is up to the cosmic forces that govern the universe, whatever and whoever that is. I should hear by Friday what his verdict is and am crossing my fingers for good numbers.

More importantly, now I have to retrace my steps and find out where the hell I hid everything before time passes and I TOTALLY forget....!! Or else one day in the distant future I'll open a closet and it'll feel like Xmas morning when I find things I never knew I still had!!!!

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