Saturday, October 2

I am all for having a good time.

In fact, I've even been known to do it a few times myself. Likely I have annoyed more than a few people when in this state pictured.

But when my tenants come home and invite 7 vehicles into my yard at 3am for an "after party" from work, things go from good to bad to worse.

Started out with just the loud group of people invading the other side of the duplex. I figured wudev, give them 30 minutes to chill and they'll simmer down. Then at 4am, when I fall back asleepl, the party escalates, and some drunk girl leans on my doorbell which rings 4, 5, maybe 6 times in a row. I leaped out of bed thinking there was an emergency, flew down to the door in my bathrobe and swung the door open. I was greeted by about six 20-somethings all tossing back Kokanee and a very drunk but apologetic young lady who said she must have leaned on my doorbell. Some guy cheerily explained this was an after party and went back to his drink. They said it won't happen again.

I was pissed off but in my current state not willing to do anything at that moment about it. I shut the door, explained to John what was going on, and we watched the party hoping things would dissipate. Mere moments later about 3 couples came out, got into 2 cars and drove away. I figured the party was breaking up and tried to go back to bed. I see both her pets get out the back door- the cat and the dog. Nobody seems to be attending them and they wander into the back lane. I wait a minute to see if anyone comes after them, and suddenly some goth looking thin girl with long back hair runs outside and collects one animal at a time. Seriously, that's all we would need is more drama in the middle of the night with a cat or dog getting hit by a car.

Now it's 530am. No sooner had I gotten maybe 30 minutes of sleep, and blood curdling screams from a girl and a guy and a lot of thumping was heard from their side. Again- leaped out of bed, thinking there was a fight or a rape or ? going on and I ran to the window. I threw up the pane and yelled, WTF IS GOING ON!! ...But there's nobody outside... what the... and the noise has stopped... It's eerily quiet suddenly. I go downstairs and open the door, seriously concerned. My tenant- wearing only a white towel- is on the back porch with her small dog strapping his leash to the railing. I said, Seriously, what the hell was that? I hear guys inside the house loudly asking the same thing at the same time as me. She says "she will take care of it". I said sternly, "This has to stop, now." I shut the door.

John and I are thoroughly irritated, and talk about what the hell is going on over there. And why is she in a towel!? What the hell was the screaming? We shake our heads and decide we are awake now, might as well get up. He leaves to go get me coffee and himself some breakfast. No sooner does he drive away and I see tenant's boyfriend running out the front door in nothing but a white towel.

Omfg. What the HELL is going on over there, and ... no seriously- what the HELL?! I notice my tenant's room mate is also outside- although fully dressed and seemingly in good health- out at the road on the sidewalk talking to a guy. I'm trying to put it together and figure out who was screaming, was it her? What's with all this drama?! And why should I care, other than it's disruptions to MY life. Boyfriend runs a full circle around the house from the front door to the back and knocks on her door. I watch, somewhat amused, but more confused than anything.

John returns with coffee and I fill him in. He says call the cops then. I said no, what really will that solve? Are they going to investigate people in towels running around half naked in the middle of the night? I recognize we could get them for disturbance, but for what? What does it solve? So I can sit there and write a report and cause a huge issue? She's moving out in 14 days anyways. I think otherwise. I propose that instead, let's do some gardening today. I'm pretty sure we need some good weedeating done very early this morning around the entire property and the lawn needs mowing. If we aren't getting sleep then I'll be damned if they are. Perhaps I should ring her doorbell at about 8am and offer to do some laundry for her so she has clothes to wear?

Meh. I phoned and left a message with her yesterday morning about three things: when was she moving out, the 15th or 31st? If you're staying you own me another half month's rent. And lastly, clean up your garbage that's ripped open on the porch. I think I'll follow up today with another phonecall letting HER know that move out date is Oct 15th or face eviction, and if there is another party AT ALL, the police will be attending it. UN... BE...LIEVABLE. Gonna be a looooong day.

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