Monday, July 5

Woke up today to three horrible headlines. One is a shooting, leaving a 24 yr old dead. Number two is multiple stabbings. Number three is a human head found in the water in the city center at The Forks Market.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. For some god forsaken reason, investment magazines sometimes make the very WRONG assumption that
Winnipeg is affordable place to invest. And maybe at first glance looking at simple numbers perhaps this APPEARS to be correct.

However, when you see headlines like this:

Human head found in Winnipeg city center
Winnipeg worst crime rates in CANADA
Winnipeg stabbings
Winnipeg shootings

You can see that it's really NOT worth your time or money in most cases.

Let me read you from Wiki on Winnipeg:

"In 2004, Winnipeg had the fourth-highest overall crime rate among Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas listed; Winnipeg had the highest rate among centres with populations greater than 500,000. Manitoba has also has a continuing problem with auto thefts, most of which occur in Winnipeg."

I can tell you myself, I've been here three years and had my car broken into three times. I've had my house vandalized once. Yet when I lived in the lower mainland, I parked in the WORST areas of Vancouver, Surrey, Mission, Abbotsford over the 34 yrs that I lived there and NOT ONCE did I or my family's vehicles get vandalized or stolen. It's interesting that reading the COMMENTS to those stories that residents of Winnipeg are neither shocked or surprised. Most know the crime exists, see that it's the North End and shrug their shoulders.

I honestly don't know if it's worth it, living here. I mean, is it? What are the benefits? Hot humid summers? Winters that last forever, diving to temperatures I never thought possible? Skyrocketing property taxes (including education taxes of $1800 a year PLUS the $1400 municipal taxes)? Supposedly cheap houses (if you don't mind the stabbings, shootings and heads in the river)?

Dunno. Can't say I'm sold on Winnipeg.

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~n~ said...

i'm not sold on it either. and the floating heads aren't helping, either. yikes.

ha ha the word verification is AMPLE. i can think of AMPLE reasons why i won't be movin' to winnipeg!!! har har har