Tuesday, July 6

west side story...

Actually I don't know if this is the right photo to use to describe where my head is at. It's either this or this.

There are so many different things we can do with our careers and our lives. The one great thing I learned about moving here three years ago is that I can move anywhere. I can live anywhere. I can make anywhere home. So the question isn't what CAN I do, it's what can't I do!? Which makes thinking ahead and planning ahead and contemplating where I could be in a year (or two or five) really quite hard to pin point. I can probably dismiss quite a few options, like I can't see it ever being possible to move to the states. Legal migration down there is virtually impossible unless you are an apparent genius, or a brain surgeon or some incredibly skilled worker that does not exist in the American population- a void that you can fill. Which is really too bad, since Washington is a really lovely state.
I can't see myself moving east, because I don't have any desire to do so. I'm west coast, yo! And west is where my brain goes. Anywhere west. Alberta-west. BC-west. And then it's when-west?!
Next year?
The year after that?
Three years from now??
Ugh. How long do I want to do this to myself for.
Hard not to be home sometimes. I feel that from time to time, sometimes more than others. That "what am I doing here again?!" feeling. And I mean keeping my focus, too, on WHY I came here. It's really easy to lose sight of that the longer I stay and the more options that appear on the horizon. In a nutshell I came here to get myself ready to go back home LOL! To establish who I am, go after it and run with it. I'll have to exercise some patience and see what opportunities unfold.

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~n~ said...

to hell with patience! move west already.