Friday, July 30

Okay so this BLOG is one thing that needs to change, that post has been up long enough! Some weird things I find happening lately- August 18th apparently MEANS something. I dunno what, I dunno why- it just apparently DOES. Lemme give you an example: I ask someone, when can I get something delivered? They tell me August 18th is when they can. I go somewhere else and I ask, when do I have to return these library books? August 18th. Hmm, interesting. Then the THIRD time, I go make an appointment to get my cats fixed- August 18th. Okaaaaaaaaaaay... so.... I get it, the 18th apparently is an interesting date..?!

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Anonymous said...

pretty background!

apparently change will come to you on august 18th. lol

p.s. we want kitten pictures!!!