Sunday, July 25

As you can see, things change.

I am in a mindset lately for change.

I cut my hair, I'm reading up on NLP and LOA, thinking about what NEEDS to change. At a seminar years and years ago in my twenties back when I sold Herbalife weight loss shakes and stuff, I heard a phrase that has stayed with me. I think it was said by Jim Rohn. The quote goes as follows :


You cannot EFFECT change into your life, without LIVING it. It's a simple truth. You can't simply ASK for it, or EXPECT it, or be angry or sad that it is not there, or that you LACK what you want.

YOU have to change.


Question is (or questions are?!) WHAT do you want to change? What do you WANT? Sometimes we need to look at what we have received, what we are receiving, what we ARE getting, in order to see what it is that we DON'T like/ what it is we'd RATHER have. Hard questions. Harder answers. Long thought process, and honestly I have no idea what the answers OR the questions really are. I need to shake the tree and see what falls out. Not something you can do overnight, these are lessons to practice, food for the brain.

"Success is what you attract by the person you become"

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Debbi said...

so many things to change! But, thankfully, I would like to be biased/not-humble enough to admit that I am in a CONSTANT state of change. A constant state of learning and growing and moving. I have lots I need to change and probably am not doing well enough. But, for some things, I'm changing every day.

I like that.