Saturday, July 24

Full Moon alert!
Full Moon alert!

I think it's actually sposed to be totally full on the 26th, but it's pretty close today fer sure. Reading a whole pile of astro geek blogs it sounds like we get the usual angst around a full moon- clashes and conflict. Defiance/ independance and decisiveness/change or transformation. The positive aspects are animated and passionate conversations- which could bring some epiphanies, provide some relief or open some closed doors.

Here is how today is allegedly to play out as per Cafe Astrology:
With the Moon in Capricorn all day, our feelings are expressed reservedly and sparingly. We don't want to expose ourselves to the feeling of being vulnerable. Our sense of responsibility is stronger than usual, and we aim for efficiency in most areas of life now. Our view of life in general is realistic. Flexibility is not a strong point just now, and we might want to learn to relax and not try to keep control of every situation.

Our careers and objectives are in focus with the Moon in this practical sign. Jupiter squares Pluto today--a longer term influence that will recur in February 2011. We can be quite ambitious now, feeling that if we set our sights high enough, we can achieve anything. However, treading lightly, while it may not come naturally, is advised as it is easy to stir up opposition.

We may take on too many interests, activities, or desires under this influence. Exaggerating our importance or power, either to ourselves or others, should be avoided. Our belief system could be challenged now, and the need for a major attitude change arises; or we might have to face narrow-mindedness in others (or in ourselves). Trying to force our beliefs on others will only lead to frustration.

The tendency now is to push too hard in general, and to ignore the important details. Thinking in big terms is fine, as long as the more practical details of any pursuit are also considered.
I just know that I would like a long sleep, 3 days off to spend the entire time in pyjamas. That would rule. Instead, gotta count down the 20 days until vacation, one atta time until we're finally there....

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~n~ said...

oh i soooooo hear ya. full moon full throttle around here. i feel like throttling someone and KNOW i'm being really intense and feeling really over-responsible and crap. i will be soooo glad when it all passes.

oh and btw, we had a teenaged bear run through the yard around 9 tonight. LUCKILY we were all inside and the chickens had *just* been locked up for night. we stood on the deck listening and heard it (through the dogs barking and people yelling at it) travel through the woods, across denewood and up the hill into the undeveloped water reserve area where it can hang out as much as it wants, as far as i'm concerned. its been around the past 5 days in our neighbourhood. and yes, that was the highlight of the day.